Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are you have questions, here we try to answer them as best as possible. Is your question not listed or would you like more information about a specific topic? Then email us at the address below.

A trade (robot) is a piece of software that automatically buys or sells a cryptocurrency at certain times. This is done on the basis of strategies developed by traders and developers.

This has a number of reasons. The first is because a bot is fully automated. The bot is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and orders are opened and closed, even when you are sleeping or working. The second reason is emotion, humans make decisions based on our feelings and that decision cannot always be the right one. Especially not if that decision has to be made under high pressure or with large sums of money. A bot performs, it does exactly what it is set up to do, this removes a major risk factor.

We recommend that you leave the bot on your account for at least 3 months. The reason for this is because the bot has to position itself in the market. Being in a bot in the long term usually gives better results than in the short term. The bot must be given the opportunity to buy and sell at the right times.

For the pilot, your money is in your own Binance account. We can’t get there. Of course it is up to you to have the security of your account in order. In the documentation that you will receive from us for the pilot, we will explain to you as best as possible how to do this.

We want to achieve visible goals with the charities. We discuss with them what goal they would like to achieve. This is different for each charity, an example; an organization needs 10 laptops for children to do homework. The laptops have a total value of x number of euros. This is a visible goal with clear frameworks, as soon as the target amount has been achieved, the profit is paid out to charity. Another example; a sports club also wants children to be able to participate in sports whose parents have too little money to pay a contribution. We determine how many children they would like to support and that in turn equals an amount. Again a visible goal with clear frameworks.

after each trade, the bot ensures that the profits are distributed fairly. 60% of the profit goes to charity, 30% to the foundation and 10% to the donors. So after every trade you can immediately see whether your donated amount has increased in value.

Trading takes time. The bot has not yet had a chance to open and close a position.

Unfortunately, this is possible and can be for several reasons. The bot is currently in a trade, only the coin it is in has decreased slightly in value. The market is constantly moving and it often happens that a coin goes down slightly and then rises and takes a profit. Another reason could be that the bot was in a coin and unfortunately had to sell it with a loss. The bot did that for that reason to prevent worse.

No. The bot does things for a reason and intervenes itself when necessary.

Of course there are risks, unfortunately you can lose your money. But if you lose money, no money will go into the pot for the charities we support. So it is in the public interest that the bots make a profit. By closely monitoring the bots and keeping a close eye on the market, we try to minimize the risks.