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Be one of the first to join Bots for Humanity. We are looking for 50 to 100 participants for the pilot. Enter your email address below and the amount you are willing to participate with. We will contact you as soon as we have enough participants.

More impact with one donation

We believe in the power of one donation that makes a recurring impact. Which benefits both the charity and the donor. By working together, we can make a difference in the world of donation.

We use technology
for those who need it.

This is how you donate smarter

Our bots will get to work with your donation. By buying and selling on the cryptocurrency market at strategic moments, the trade bot makes a profit. This profit will be divided between; a charity, the foundation and the donors.

Become a smarter donor.

By participating in ‘Bots for Humanity’ you support a charity and yourself.

The Pilot

For the pilot we are looking for 50 to 100 people who would like to participate in our trade bot with €100 or more. We are in consultation with various crypto exchanges to see which exchange suits us best and our bot.

In the pilot phase, your money will remain in your own account, our bot will be linked to your account so that the bot can trade. The bot ensures that each party gets its fair share. You as a donor, we as a foundation and then the charity if the target amount has been achieved. We will be monitoring the bot closely. After all, if you don’t make a profit, the charities we support won’t receive any money either.

We choose to partner with They are specialized in creating and monitoring trade bots. Together with them we take care of all the worries of a trade bot. All you need to do is link the bot to your account and fill your account with a desired amount of money. That way you don’t have to worry about whether you are in the right bot or whether you should switch to another bot.

Together we can
donate smarter.

We support

Bots for Humanity chooses charities in the Netherlands. The money that Bots for Humanity collects must produce visible results. A new clubhouse, laptops for a homework organization or money to organize a sporting event. If the goal produces a visible result to which a nice target amount can be linked, there is a good chance that Bots for Humanity will support the charity. In the future, you can find the charities we support on our blog.

Support great projects.

Do you know a great charity that could certainly use our help? Use the button on the right to contribute one. We will do our very best to see what is possible.

Planning our future

We start with the pilot, this is a safe way for you as a donor as well as for us to make a difference in the world of donation. Thanks to the pilot, we can already support charities, the amount you donate will have a recurring impact we can continue to build Bots for Humanity.

There are a number of things we would like to make happen in the near future;

1) More brand awareness, this allows us to support more charities and free up money to make Bots for Humanity even better.

2) At the moment we are already busy with obtaining the ANBI status. With this status, donors will get tax benefits if they donate to Bots for Humanity.

3) Our big dream is to obtain an AFM licence. This allows us to manage the donated money amounts ourselves, which brings benefits for you as a donor;

  • you can transfer a small amount every month
  • you don’t need an account with an exchange
  • we can put several different types of bots to work, so that we can spread risks better.


Show that you are a smart donor! And want to make a difference in the world of donating!

The money we make from selling merchandise Proceeds will go to towards improving Bots for Humanity so we can support you and more charities.

With 100 registrations we open a store with t-shirts that you prefer to wear every day. We will design a limited edition for the first 100 registrations!

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